Artificial Intelligence in SMEs


How can you make smart use of “data treasures”?

Artificial Intelligence in SMEs – AI Building Blocks for Product and Process Optimization
Artificial Intelligence – a big word. What lies behind it is often much easier to integrate into your established system than you may think. Especially in medium-sized businesses, as we know this from our own experience. As a provider of ideas and as a technological as well as strategic partner, we support you in generating real added value through AI building blocks.

The goal is to strengthen and expand your core competencies through artificial intelligence. In most cases the foundation already exists, usually in the form of rudimentarily used “data treasures”. When it comes to implementation, what is needed first is engineering expertise rather than a major investment turning half the company inside out.

At the start it is important to find out where previous solutions have reached their limits and where AI or machine learning can offer additional benefits. Such areas of application are usually found across the entire value chain. Where the greatest potential lies usually becomes clear in a direct exchange between your company's subject matter experts and our AI specialists. Once the goal has been determined, the actual project begins:


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