Aliphatic acrylate based nano-composite formulation, suitable for SLA printers.


  • General

    C3-Rigid series is made up of fast-curing materials designed to simulate standard rigid plastics including ABS, Polypropylene and other custom-engineered for specific mechanical properties. They are suitable for polyjet and SLA type printers. Printed materials exhibit high tensile strength and impact resistance in some cases exceeding the properties of the materials they emulate. Mechanical properties of printed samples remain steady for more than six months in ambient environments. The C3-Rigid series materials may also be formulated for specific end-use requirements including resistance to chemicals or low-extractability for medical devices.

  • Key Features

    Polypropylene-like material for excellent impact, resistance, higher tensile.

  • Specifications
    Tensile Strength / MPa 30 - 42
    Elongation / % 8 - 12
    Hardness 80 - 85D
    Izod Impact / J/m  90 - 110