Final event X-MINE Project

The event will demonstrate how implementation of new XRF- XRT-technology in scanning of exploration drill core, collection of data for 3D-modelling of ore deposits and sorting of minerals can improve the efficiency in exploration and increase the sustainability of mining operations.

Programs details:

Date    : 23 June 2021

Time   : 9am - 5pm (EET)

Please visit X-mine website for more info and to register :Link

Program agenda

09:00 Welcoming words for session 1: Janne Paaso, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

09:15 Introduction to X-MINE sensor development: Janne Paaso 

            09:20 Fast single-photon counting X-ray cameras: Stepan Polansky and Jan Jakubek, Advacam, Czech Republic ▪

            09:35 High-speed stereovision camera system: Peter Katarzynski, Antmicro, Poland ▪

            09:40 Highly sensitive XRF spectrometer: Mikael Bergqvist, Orexplore, Sweden

10:00 Short break

10:10 X-MINE prototypes in the mining value chain: Janne Paaso ▪

            10:15 Drill core scanner: Mikael Bergqvist, Orexplore, Sweden ▪

            10:30 XRT/XRF data used for modelling in exploration and mining: Ronald Arvidsson, SGU, Sweden ▪

            10:45 Sensor evaluation and integration for sorting applications: Pekka Kilpeläinen, VTT, Finland ▪

            11:00 Comex research facility and mineral sorting prototype: Jacek Kolacz, Comex, Poland

            11:15 Summary and discussion

11:30 End of session 1 ------------------------------------ 

13:00 Welcoming words for session 2: Janne Paaso

13:15 3D modelling in the X-MINE project, Ronald Arvidsson, SGU, Sweden

13:30 Asarel Medet company presentation: Desislav Ivanov, Asarel Medet, Bulgaria

13:40 Drill core scanner pilot at Asarel Medet: Desislav Ivanov, Asarel Medet, Bulgaria

14:00 Mineral sorting pilot at Asarel Medet: Ventsislav Stoilov, Asarel Medet, Bulgaria

14:20 Short break

14:30 Lovisagruvan pilot summary: Jan-Erik Björklund and Mathias Svenlöv, Lovisagruvan, Sweden

14:45 Hellas Gold pilot summary: TBD, Hellas Gold, Greece

15:00 Hellenic Copper Mines pilot summary: Georgios Kalogeropoulos, Hellenic Copper Mines, Cyprus

15:15 X-MINE exploitation and impacts: Ismo Ruohomäki, VTT, Finland

15:30 Discussion: Expert panel

16:00 Closing words (Representative of European Commission)