Introduction to Pytorch for deep learning

Supported by Multimedia University (MMU)

Pytorch is a programming library in python for the experiment and development of machine learning and neutral network algorithms. It is developed by Facebook and is one of the most popular deep learning frameworks. This absolute beginner course provides a hands-techniques. The deep leaning theory is supplemented by programming examples implemented with Pytorch.

    This is to enable students to appreciate the practical aspect of deep learning in real world application. In the guided project, student will build a working program to predict the presence of COVID-19 disease from the chest x-ray images. The project task include dataset preparation, data pre-processing, Training the convolutional neutral network and evaluating its performance, 

Detail of the program:

Speaker  : Mr. Mohd. Haris Lye.

Date        : 29 - 30 June 2021.

Time       : 9am - 5pm(MY)