Machinery Fault/Gearbox Dynamic Simulator


An optimum device for research in machinery fault diagnosis and gearbox dynamics

 It is much wider than a regular MFS to accommodate a long belt drive as well as a big gearbox. Because of the larger base area, the user has more flexibility in their choice of experimental setup configuration. For instance, a pump can be connected with the gearbox output shaft. This simulator is the result of a careful trade off study. Therefore, it provides a optimum balance between the size, weight, functionality, robustness, operation convenience, and versatility.

  • Description

    This simulator is a valuable tool for studying different types of machine mechanical faults, especially gearbox faults, and induction motor mechanical or electrical faults.

    The distinguished features of this simulator are:

    1. Panel controlled magnet brake system for convenient and accurate load control.
    2. Long belt drive for thorough study of belt drives dynamic behavior.
    3. Great potential for further customized modification and upgrade.