Mechanical and Electrical Engineering


Vibration and Noise in Machines and Electro Technical Systems - Measurement, Calculation, Analysis, Monitoring, Testing, Qualification and Reduction

For decades, Wölfel has been successfully active in the field of machine and (electrical) systems engineering - both for manufacturers and operators of machines and systems.

We advise our customers in solving problems related to vibration and noise. Our experts can support you from the first measurement to the clarification of the problem to the execution of computational analyses, the conception of feasibility studies to the delivery of individual products or systems to solve your problem.

Examples of customer projects "Measurement" and/or "Environmental Test"

  • Earthquake test for the qualification of switch cabinets / transformers / valves / pumps
  • Vibration / noise measurement and assessment of engines (heat and power stations - belt drives / coolers / fans)
  • Operating vibration measurement of opencast mining excavators / amusement rides / paper machines / printing machines
  • Operating vibration analysis / experimental modal analysis of drive trains / machine foundations / machine tools / engine housings / heat exchangers / paper machines
  • Balancing in Germany and other international markets
  • Examples of customer projects "Calculation"

  • Earthquake qualification of switch cabinets / motor / generators / transformers / pumps /... by calculation or analogy observations
  • Modal analysis (FEM) of engines / vehicle parts / machine tools / marine propulsion systems
  • Simulation (MKS) drive train vibrations, exhaust gas recirculation valves
  • Strength calculation of motors / machines / screw connections
  • Thermal analysis of exhaust manifold / paper web
  • Simulation of magnetic field for EM actuator design / brake optimization
  • Example of customer projects "Systems/Products"

  • Design / commissioning vibration insulation machine installation
  • Design / construction / manufacturing / commissioning of individual and optimized (rotary) vibration dampers / anti-vibration dampers
  • Active systems for vibration reduction on machine tools / industrial trucks / paper machines
  • Active systems for noise reduction (ANC)
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