Model IR


Model IR transducers have right-angle-mounted waterproof UHF connectors and small case design for applications where space is limited. Available element diameters are 0.25, 0.375, and 0.5 inch (6, 10, and 13 mm). GP series* offer the best combination of sensitivity and resolution for general applications. HR series* are highly damped for applications where high resolution is required. C series* have piezocomposite elements and offer superior penetration, resolution, and signal-to-noise ratio in highly-attenuative and coarse-grain materials.


  • Immersion Transducers

    Are typically used in automated and manual-scanning systems using water or other liquid as a coupling medium. This enables the inspection of parts with complex geometries and near-surface resolution superior to that of contact transducers. Spherical (point) or cylindrical (line) focusing can further improve sensitivity and resolution. Focal length must be specified.