Motor Current Probe


A motor current probe enables Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA), which is a useful analysis and condition monitoring technique for the health of induction motors. Through signal analysis, you can perform fault frequency calculation for diagnose problems, such as broken rotor bars, turn-to-turn shorts due to insulation breakdown, single phasing or loss of one phase, phase imbalance, both the static and dynamic eccentricity, and bearing defects.


  • Current Probe

    Motor Current Probe

    AC Motor Current Probe (SQICP1)

        •   Clamp On Probe, AC Current 0.1-24, 0.5-240 Amps, AC Frequency Response 40Hz to 40 kHz, Connector Type BNC, Meter Type Oscilloscope, Output 10 Millivolts/Amp, Jaw Capacity 21 Inches, Features Dual Range

        •    The kit consists of AC current probe