Package 7: Wind Turbine study complete system


This turnkey training package focuses on wind turbine drivetrain diagnostics studies and includes all the necessary instrumentation.


  • What's included

    Simulator and Option Kits

        •    Wind Turbine Drivetrain Diagnostics                           Simulator
        •    Parallel gearbox bearing fault kit
        •    Planetary gearbox bearing fault kit
        •    Defective spur gears
        •    Eccentric Spur Gear
        •    Helical gears set
        •    Defective helical gears
        •    Defective planatary gears
        •    PC motor control kit
        •    PC Load control kit
        •    Radial bearing loader
        •    Radial bearing loader force transducer                       (Requires W-RBL)
        •    Torque transducer with built encoder on                   input shaft
        •    Shaft encoder

    Data Acquisition System

        •    VibraQuest Pro Software
        •    Desktop PC with securely mounted DAQ                 board, 24 bit resolution, 8 channel                           simultaneous sampling at 102.4 kHz, IEPE               sensor power, Anti-Aliasing filter, eight 8                 foot SMB to BNC cables.


        •    Four industrial ICP accelerometers,                            0.3-10KHz, 100mV/G