Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor


Pyroelectric infrared sensor is a sensor to catch the faint infrared rays generated from the object. This is for the sensing objects, does not exert any impacts. And, it will deliver the information about the presences and situations of the sensing objects. Pyroelectric sensor, to the far infrared rays from near-infrared rays, is a general-purpose sensor with high sensitivity with a wide detection range of wavelengths.


  • Overview of pyroelectric infrared sensors
    Features of the pyroelectric infrared sensors

    Extensive variations

    It can select sensors using the most suitable pyroelectric element to use.

    •    Intrusion alarm annunciator, For automatic door switch
    •    Temperature measurements, For flame detection, For gas analysis and measurement, etc.

    High sensitivity

    It can select sensors using the most suitable pyroelectric element to use. It is designed to maximum sensitivity the material has can be obtained. In any such applications, it has achieved the performance to satisfy.
    High reliability and high durability

    In the TO-5 of hermetic seal has become a package encapsulating an inert gas. Thereby it has realized the high reliability and high durability.

    SPS Series models

    *When ordering, please specify the model names. Inquiry for the combination of elements and window materials, also, please specify the model names.

  • Pyroelectric infrared sensors

    SPS Series standard specifications & dimensions
    Sensors for flame detection
    Sensors for gas analysis & measurement
    SPS series frequency characteristics
    SPS series window material transmission characteristics
    Electrical characteristics and measuring method
    Examples of the application circuit
    Sensor tests under various conditions
    Fresnel lens [I]
    Ultra-sensitive air pressure sensor

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