Quiet-Cloud® (QC-2) - Sound Absorption Panels


A high performance, sustainable and versatile solution for reflection build-up and reflection control. A sound panel that can withstand harsh environments while absorbing more sound/noise than most commercial and residential sound panels.

A reflective space can increase the overall volume of noise in that space exponentially! If a sound or noise is created in a space with lots of parallel-hard surfaces, the sound will linger for long periods of time. The problem is that if the sound or noise has a lot of intensity and goes on for long periods of time, sound/noise levels will get louder then the original source of the sound/noise itself. The only way to prevent this is to install materials that can absorb the sound/noise on the hard surfaces of the space.

Below are some key elements that make Quiet-Cloud® so unique and versatile in a sea of inferior solutions.

1. An NRC of 1.0 (no reflections off of the face of a QC-2)

2. “0” Flame, “0” Smoke development (can withstand temperatures up to 1,000 degrees)

3. Six sides of absorption (60% more absorption than typical flat panels)

4. Hydrophobic absorption core (repels water)

5. Heavy gauge, perforated aluminum exterior shell (powder coating available)

6. Horizontal or vertical orientations can be achieved (cloud, banner or wall mountable)

7. Extremely light-weight

8. Custom NRC/STC version available upon request (Blok16 and solid backs yield STC29)

9. Standard and custom sizes from 91” x 43” (231mm x 109mm) to almost anything smaller


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