QuietFiber® - Hydrophobic Industrial Noise Absorption Material



QuietFiber material is specifically engineered to tackle the frequencies of sound that are critical for noise reduction. QuietFiber’s Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC), ranges from 1.0- 1.25 depending on the version (Q2, Q4 or Q6). An NRC rating of 1.0 or higher means there are no reflections off of the material.

Any material with an NRC that is greater than 0.50 is considered to be sound absorbing. If the NRC is less than 0.20, the material is considered to be sound reflecting. If the material has an NRC rating of say 0.60, it would have about 40% reflections off of the material. As a result, NRC materials are typically used for reflection control in spaces with high Reflection or Reverb Times (RT’s).


QuietFiber is a form of mineral wool that is compressed into 4pcf, 6pcf or 8pcf, semi-rigid slabs. They are available in flat sections with lengths and widths measuring either 72″ x 16” or 72″ x 24”. They come in un-faced, black-faced and white-faced finishes, depending on the expected use.


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