How do you identify vulnrbilties more efficiently?

Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) – Fast and Efficient Product Development Through Calculation and Simulation.
Simulation is a driver of innovation. Virtual prototype tests can be used to investigate design alternatives and to identify weak points at an early stage. The product development process thus becomes faster and more efficient, while the product design is optimized.

Our rail service portfolio

Driving simulation:

Simulation for determining the driving characteristics of railway vehicles according to DIN EN 14363:

- Simulation of track tests
- Assessment of the dynamic driving behavior
- Safety measures against derailment
- Evaluation of vehicle stability via force and vibration analysis
- Validation of simulation models

Ride comfort:

Evaluation and optimization of the ride comfort in the interior (passengers, train conductor, personnel) DIN EN 12299

Clearance profil & vehicle gauge:

Simulation of the clearance gauge for planning and for the determination of the vehicle gauge according to DIN EN 15273 (EBO, BOStrab, internal company guidelines)


Simulation and optimization of the wheel-to-rail contact for

- Evaluation of wear on rail and track
- Optimization of the chassis to reduce wear of components

Proof of strength: 

Proof of strength for components within the scope of approval and component analysis for optimal and safe design

Crosswind / Wind characteristics:

- Calculation of wind characteristics according to RIL807.04, EN 14067-6 and TSI HS RST
- Consultation on crosswind detection of passenger vehicles
- Preparation of expert assessments for the crosswind verification of passenger vehicles
e.g. according to RIL 807.04, EN 14067-6 or TSI HS RST

Accident cause analysis: 

Accident analysis via simulation and preparation of expert assessments


Simulation of switches and track in connection with vehicle dynamics

For our services in rail vehicle technology, we cooperate with the company Simtes, which has many years of simulation expertise in the rail vehicle sector. In particular, we rely on the expertise of Prof. Rolf Naumann and Simtes for approval-relevant simulations, the calculation of wind characteristics, crosswind verifications and the preparation of expert assessments.

Our cooperation partner Simtes


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