Permanently installed tool intended for machinery monitoring, as well as collision and fault detection.

RL-M57 operates in 3 modes:

  • General monitoring – key signal parameters evaluation with collision detection capability;
  • Shock detection - with best in class system reaction time, as fast as 0,2 ms;
  • Continuous data recording for subsequent analysis.

Over 1K devices can be connected together through LAN to just one PC with 1Gbit/s Ethernet adaptor to form an integrated measurement unit, capable of organizing and coordinating the whole process monitoring system in your facility.

One RL-M57 device supports control of up to 24 different parameters. For each of the parameters the user can set abort and tolerance levels.

Available parameters:

  • RMS of acceleration, velocity, displacement in the frequency range;
  • peak acceleration in the preset time;
  • RMS or amplitude of acceleration, velocity and displacement on rotation frequency and its harmonics;
  • RMS and amplitude values in full spectrum.

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