Standard Process Models


More than 70 Process units available in both English  and metric engineering units for all levels of training : from entry level or college degree programs all the way up to highly experienced operators and technicians.


  • Model Library

    Our models are presented in functional groups, however, you can mix and match models to meet your specific training needs.

     Process Fundamental Series  Utility Series
     Instrumentation Series
    SPM-100 Tank System*
    SPM-110 Pump and Tank System* 
    SPM-200 Pumping System*
    SPM-300 Mix Tank*
    SPM-310 Blending Tank*
    SPM-400 Heat Exchanger*
    SPM-500 Flash Tank*
    SPM-600 Unit Operations*
    SPM-610 Total Trainer
    SPM-700 Distillation* 
    SPM-740 Desalter
    SPM-800 Centrifugal Pump*
    SPM-900 Condenser*
    SPM-910 Reboiler*
    SPM-1000 Air Cooler
    SPM-1010 Cooling Tower*
    SPM-1200 Natural Draft Fired Heater*
    SPM-1300 Reciprocating Compressor*
    SPM-1400 Centrifugal Compressor*
    SPM-1410 Steam Turbine
    SPM-1500 Superheated Steam Boiler*
    SPM-1510 Advanced Utility Boiler
    SPM-1100 Instrumentation I: Process Characteristics*
    SPM-1600 Instrumentation II: Basic Control Concepts
    SPM-1700 Instrumentation III: Multi-Element Control
    SPM-1800 Instrumentation IV: pH Control
    SPM-1900 Instrumentation V: 3-Element BFW Control
    Refining Series
     Chemicals Series
     Power Generations Series
    SPM-320 Oil Blending System
    SPM-330 Product Blending System
    SPM-720 Advanced Distillation*
    SPM-730 Advanced Flare System
    SPM-2400 Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU)*
    SPM-2500 Atmospheric Distillation Unit (ADU)*
    SPM-2600 Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU)*
    SPM-2700 Atmospheric/Vacuum Crude Units (ADU/VDU)*
    SPM-2800 Delayed Coking Unit*
    SPM-2900 Hydrodesulfurization Unit (HDS)*
    SPM-2910 Catalytic Reformer
    SPM-2000 Batch Reactor*
    SPM-2010 Multipurpose Batch Reactor*
    SPM-2100 Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR)*
    SPM-2110 CSTR with Tank Farm
    SPM-2200 Tubular Reactor*
    SPM-2300 Fixed Bed Reactor*
     SPM-5000 Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)*
     SPM-5100 Steam Turbine with Generator*
     SPM-5110 Generator
     SPM-5200 Gas Turbine with Generator*
     SPM-5300 Condenser with Cooling Tower*
     SPM-5400 Boiler Feedwater System (BFW)*
     SPM-5500 Thermal Power Plant*
     SPM-5600 Combined Cycle Power Plant*
    Upstream Series
    Midstream Series
    Refrigeration Series
    SPM-3000 Gas Oil Separation Process (GOSP)
    SPM-3010 Advanced GOSP*
    SPM-3020 Three Phase Separator
    SPM-3030 Gas Dehydration Unit*
    SPM-3040 Advanced GOSP & Gas Dehydration Unit*
    SPM-3050 Tank Battery
    SPM-3060 Crude Oil Stabilizer
    SPM-3100 Amine Treating Unit*
    SPM-3200 Sulfur Recovery Unit
    SPM-3300 Sulfur Plant
    SPM-3400 LNG Plant
    SPM-3520 Dew Point Control Unit (DPCU)
    SPM-3800 GTL Plant
    SPM-3500 NGL Recovery Unit*
    SPM-3510 Turbo Expander
    SPM-3530 Gas Compression Plant
    SPM-3600 LPG Unit*
    SPM-3700 NGL Plant*
    SPM-3900 Liquid Pipeline
    SPM-3910 Gas Pipeline   
     SPM-8000 Refrigerant Chiller<
    SPM-8010 Single Stage Refrigeration System
    SPM-8020 Propane Refrigeration System
    SPM-8030 Ammonia Refrigeration System
     Green Energy Series
     Water and Wastewater Series
     Pharmaceutical Series
    SPM-4000 Biomass Fermentation*
    SPM-4100 Ethanol Distillation*
    SPM-4200 Ethanol Plant*
    SPM-6000 Multi-Stage Flash Evaporator (MSF)
    SPM-6100 Reverse Osmosis Unit (RO)
    SPM-6200 Potable Water Plant
    SPM-6300 Wastewater Treatment Plant
     SPM-2010 Multi-purpose Batch Reactor*
    Mining Cement and Pulp & Paper Series
    SPM-8100 Ball Mill
    SPM-8200 Rotary Kiln