VisProbe SL


Vibration control systems produced by RULA Technologies are used with a specialized software package for running vibration tests – VisProbe SL. Each software option in VisProbe SL can be activated independently of the others to meet the user’s requirements.

The graphic subsystem of VisProbe SL contains a convenient contextual menu, provides displaying several graphs in one window, autoscale optionunlimited number of user cursors, additional grid lines, textual notes.

Windows integration

VisProbe SL software integrates into any Windows system, starting from Windows 7 and later. To start work, you are to install the program using the installation wizard and run the software.

Supports all test types

VisProbe SL supports all types of vibration tests: Sine, Random, Sine on Random, Sine and Random on Random, Sine on Sine, SRS, TTH, time waveform replication etc. Furthermore, the software enables running and controlling Multishaker tests.


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