Wireless Solutions


Take advantage of remarkably cost-effective, modular and robust solutions for remote, non-intrusive monitoring of ID corrosion and erosion using the latest solid-state electronics, cloud based software and innovative ultrasonic transducer designs.


  • Features
    Versatile Simple Installation
    Ideal for testing a few to a moderate number of points.
    Wireless solutions are easy to install with multiple installation options available. Cellular use of IoT connections makes configuration easier than ever.
    Intermittent Readings
    A Bang For Your Buck
     Takes readings instantly upon setup at defined intervals (1 per day/ week/ month/ etc).
    Cellular options offer low cost solutions without compromising high configuration.
    Data At Your Fingertips
    Power? We Got It!
     Cloud-based back-end for analysis and trending/ spreadsheet data-exporting capability.
    Cellular options feature long batter life spans of 5 - 7 years.

  • Cellular Data Sheet

    Productivity Advantage

    Cellular systems are battery powered, environmentally sealed, self-contained, C1, D1 safety rated and 100% autonomous. Programmed to turn-on at any desired periodic time interval and powering up to 8 dual-element or 16 single-element probes, the smartPIMS device transmits all data and measurements to the cloud/ web portal. These units transmit the data using secure HTTPS-SSL encryption protocols.

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